WORK IN PROGRESS – A mouldy old time

The moulds that make up the GM Reaper. At last I have all the moulds ready & dried for the various sections of the GM Reaper. I’m busy rapidly pressmoulding a few copies at the moment. I’m a bit behind to be honest and it’s going to be a push to get them dried, bisqued, glazed […]

EVENT – Happy 10th Anniversary Resonance FM

Natasha Dutt & Karen Thompson. It’s 10 years today since Resonance 104.4fm first took to the airwaves!! I have fond memories of that time and found myself in the position of being one of the first engineers for the station. I remember engineering on the first day of broadcast! They were exciting times and it’s […]

DRAWINGS – Simon Lewandowski

An interesting visit yesterday by Simon Lewandowski from Wild Pansy Press. He came into Crescent Arts to talk about the portable reading room and the formation and publications of Wild Pansy Press. I exchanged one of my porcelain PMN-2 landmines for one of his 100 things with handles books. Oh how I love exchanges! Simon […]

WORK IN PROGRESS – One mans junk…

Have been on the lookout for dilapidated metal cages for a while… then a friend called me as they walked past a scrap van parked at the end of the street with these on! I dutifully raced out to have a look and could see SO much potential for the chicken project. It’s difficult working […]

OUT & ABOUT – Great gifts…

Angela Knipe – Queens Corgi (Brooch). Received a lovely gift from the talented Scarborough based artist Angela Knipe over the weekend… I’ve had my eye on one of these Corgi brooches for the past few months! All of Angela’s work is very desirable and I seem to have an ever increasing list of pieces that […]

INSPIRATION – Vintage metal hen moulds

A friend sent me a link to these chocolate moulds which are currently for sale on ETSY. I love them! They are so sinister and make a statement in their own right. They would be ideal for Farm World… little caged chickens.

WORK IN PROGRESS – Chicken acquisition II

I’ve just bought this little un in an antiques shop in Norton for £1. I’m currently scouring charity shops and ebay for different varieties of these vintage classics. I’ve not come across this style one before, the eggs on the base are such a bonus! Can’t wait to make a cast of it and get producing […]

INSPIRATION – Staffordshire Cow Head

What a beauty! I love this piece… I shall definitely be drawing some influence from it when I come to create my Staffordshire style cow for Farm World. Staffordshire pottery – Cheese plate & cover, 19th Century


Focusing my attentions back onto FARM WORLD, this is my next exhibition and will have three main components. I’m currently working on THE GM REAPER. This is a new way of working for me, usually I build up my models but here I have started with a large block of clay and am carving into […]

WORKSHOP – Workshop heads made by Cultiv8

Delivered the first batch of mini heads made by Cultiv8 during the Phrenology Head workshops to the Art Gallery. We concentrated on modern health conditions so I like to think of them as being AILMENTOLOGY HEADS. The heads will be split up and displayed in both the ladies and Gents… more heads to follow when […]

Delivery of CHARMOLOGY HEAD to Scarborough Museums Trust

Shirley Collier, Chief Executive of Scarborough Museums Trust. Delivered the finished CHARMOLOGY HEAD to Scarborough Museums Trust today. It will be exhibited in the Fears, Foes & Faeries Exhibition in the Art Gallery. Fears, Foes & Faeries Charmology Head outside of its new home for the next 6 months.


This charming man! It’s finished! The gold lustre didn’t run! Phew… although I have managed to leave purple blotches all over the top of head where I’ve tried to wipe away any excess gold lustre and it’s left a faint trace… oh well – at least the head was so pink that you don’t notice […]

WORK IN PROGRESS – Charmology Head

WORK IN PROGRESS – Have transformed the tash! Also received the decals from FotoCeramic yesterday, have applied them to the head and it’s back in the kiln… …The ceramic decals firing done… Clarke’s handwritten labels and the Charmology text have transformed the head. Thought of declaring the piece finished at this point – time to […]

EXHIBITION – Ferens Art Gallery, Hull

Outing to the Ferens Art Gallery in Hull today… whilst I was there I took some photos of a piece of my ceramics that’s in their current exhibition. THE DEATH OF SAINSBURY’S will be displayed until April 15th. Death of Sainsbury’s – Ferens Art Gallery

WORK IN PROGRESS – Installing charms with Cultiv8

Spent some time today helping Cultiv8 (Scarborough Museums Trusts – Youth Group) install the health charms into the Fears Foes & Faeries exhibition in the Art Gallery. Whilst I was there I took up the Work in Progress Charmology Head to see what it’s going to look like in its allocated space… everyone was excited […]

WORK IN PROGRESS – Charmology Head

Opened the kiln today to reveal a well glossy and ultra thickly glazed Charmology Head! Oops! Was thinking to myself as I glazed it that maybe the glaze was a bit thick!! Well it was! The glazed has pooled really thickly in some areas creating loss of definition and cloudy opaque patches! It’s worst on […]

WORK IN PROGRESS – William Clarke Labels

Still busy sorting out the handwritten labels William Clarke wrote to explain the charms he collected… I’ve scanned the labels and am busy resizing them in Photoshop before I send the photoshop file off to be made into ceramic decals. These will then be added to the Charmology head. There are also 3 charms on […]