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EVENT – Open Studios

I’m opening my studio on Saturday 14th December for Open Studios. 11am – 5pm with a wee little party going on into the evening. Also opening up are the amazing Badgers of Bohemia (number 11) , Captain Ants and Nina Hughes (number 10). I’m at number 14 and you will find us all on the balcony […]

STUDIO – Webb-Ellis

Enjoyable to have the lovely Webb-Ellis in my studio recently testing out ideas for their forthcoming workshops. They are working on a couple of pilgrimages and a film in conjunction with Susan Hillier and the Nunnery Gallery and Crescent Arts. 

AA2A ‘Plus’ – The Fiona Green Charger, Teasers

The first charger I’m making in response to York Art Gallery’s ceramics collection is to feature Fiona Green, the collection facilitator for art. My charger will take direct reference from a delftware charger decorated with a portrait of Queen Anne. This piece is from the 1700 – 1720 period.  Queen Anne Charger – York Art Gallery (YORYM:2000.2672).  

AA2A ‘Plus’ – New Materials

I’ve just come across a new material which I’ve never used before…Terracotta cast with iron is a modelling material akin to plaster. It sets in an hour or so and resembles a bisque fired terracotta, the iron content giving it a speckled like finish. I cast my ‘sculptors digits’ in the material as a test, […]

STUDIO – Photographing Work

Spent the morning in the photography studio at Harrogate College, trying to get better photos of some of my work. It was good fun and I seem to have become a little distracted with some of the props lying around. This reminded me that I should get back to playing around with photographing different ceramic […]

STUDIO – Wilf & Gordon’s Debut

‘Wilf’ & ‘Gordon’ made their debut this week in Scarborough, they can be found in the upstairs Gallery at Angela & Rosie’s on Bar Street. They join ‘Albert’ and a host of other delights by talented local artists…  

STUDIO – Random things

Took a little moment today for a quick aside… have been thinking for a while about what I could send to Scott at Had these 3 heads hanging around the studio from various casts of the man in the ‘Trilogy of Deaths’ series. I had beheaded them all and fired only the heads as […]