Introducing… GOVESHY (Coming Soon)

It’s time to announce the work I’m creating for the Art Party Conference at Scarborough Spa on the 23rd November 2013. GOVESHY will be a performance installation piece. This piece is in keeping with the theme of the day whch is a follow on from Bob & Roberta Smith’s impassioned protest artwork letter to Michael Gove MP (Secreary of State for Education), which campaigned for the inclusion of art subjects in the English Baccalaureate (Ebacc).
GOVESHY will be open for a 30-60 minute slot on the 23rd November. It will consist of approx 200 Michael Gove busts that punters can throw wooden balls at to smash. 
The Michael Gove busts are being made from the finest quality Wedgwood blue clay, this is made possible by a very generous ‘in-kind donation’ from Wedgwood towards my project, for which I am extremely grateful as this enables me to realise the full potential of the work.

So, come along on the day, lets smash up Michael Gove as he continues to smash up the very foundations of craft in this country. 

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