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OUT & ABOUT – Cormorant @ South Bay Beach, Scarborough

Love this photo I’ve just taken of a cormorant on the RNLI slipway at South Bay, Scarborough. The cormorant had been there for some time and I’d enjoyed watching it after it had got out of the water. I was treated to this amazing pose as it shook it’s wings. Beautiful 🙂

INSPIRATION – Emma Kunz @The Serpentine

A friend told me about this exhibition when I was in London and highly recommended that I visit, suggesting that it was completely up my street. Emma Kunz was a clairvoyant and spiritual healer who used a pendulum to channel and create large geographic drawings which she used to assist in her healing, referencing these […]

EXHIBITION – Big Draw Illustrations

I’m very proud of this exhibition which has just gone up in Scarborough Art Gallery. On until 14th May this is a selected exhibition of work produced by the children in the Big Draw workshops that I ran at the end of last year. If you are in the area pop in and see some of […]

OUT & ABOUT – Angelic Reiki

Very enjoyable weekend in which I received this! Nicely timed as I am a year into my spiritual healing course (half way through) and was looking for another big push forward. Very much want to explore magnetic healing next (not to be mistaken for healing with magnets) but can’t find any courses in the uk… […]

NEWS – Arts Award Discover & Explore

Spent the afternoon in York on a training day for the Arts Award – Discover and Explore level. Interesting day… need to book onto the bronze and silver levels next 🙂 The Home School Educators that I teach with Scarborough Museums Trust are very keen to start on these awards.

OUT & ABOUT – Aura Photo (Kirlain)

Had my aura photo taken yesterday… Kirlian Photography, Very Exciting! Green Aura: A green aura is the healers aura, green aura frequencies resonate with the vibrations of the heart, the center of growth energy, healing energy and unconditional love. People who have green emissions in their energy field are natural-born healers. They radiate Unconditional Love […]

OUT AND ABOUT – Thackray Medical Museum

Had a lovely day trip to the Thackray Medical Museum in Leeds last week, what an incredible museum with a huge presence and collection… Amazing! The building is fascinating as it used to be an old workhouse. The collection houses an amazing room full of ceramic apothecary jars known as the Wilson collection… I spent […]

PRESS – Clare Twomey ‘Manifest:10,000 Hours’ Book

I seem to have made it into the York Art Gallery’s book for Clare Twomey’s Manifest: 10,000 hours commission. I was busy with my AA2A+ residency with York College and York Art Gallery at the time and I helped to make well over 100 bowls for this. Still, bit of a surprise finding myself and the lovely […]

OUT & ABOUT – York Museums Trusts Stores

  Spent a couple of hours in the York Museums Trusts stores yesterday with my fellow ‘AA2A Plus’ artist Ian Kirkpatrick. There is a vast amount of studio ceramics in the store. It was fascinating getting some background information on the collectors also. It was all a bit overwhelming in the short time we were there so […]

OUT & ABOUT – Crescent Arts Painting Team

The things one is made to do! Last week the Crescent Arts painting team sprung into action in Queen Street. From left to right… Andrew Webb-Ellis, Caitlin Webb-Ellis, Karen Thompson, Sarah Coggrave and Serena Partridge… just to embarrass us all a little more! 

OUT AND ABOUT – Liverpool Biennial 2014

Crescent Arts day trip to the Liverpool Biennial on Tuesday, an action packed day in which we managed to check out some of the work at the Library, The Old Blind School, The Tate, The Bluecoat and The Open Eye Gallery.  Photo L-R: Sarah Coggrave, Serena Partridge, Katherine April Caddy, Karen Thompson & Stuart Cameron.

OUT & ABOUT – Attending Jet Workshop

Had my first bash at working with Jet today. The pieces of Jet over 180 million year old were sourced from local beaches along the Yorkshire coast. An interesting workshop. A very different material to work with than my usual ceramic or plaster, will definitely be trying it again. The brooch I made today was […]

OUT & ABOUT – The Charity Shop Psychic

During a rare treat to Pawz for Thought in Roker, Sunderland (one of my favourite charity Shops), I came across this little character – Stephen D Bilton. It turns out that he is a fortune teller! He asked to see my palm and then told me that the future looks very ok! He said to […]

OUT & ABOUT – The Art Gallery Stores

I spent a lovely afternoon yesterday in the Scarborough Art Gallery store. Very inspiring! Some little gems in there. Thanks to Karen Snowden the head of collections for talking me through the collection in depth – fascinating insight…. now what will I paint?

OUT & ABOUT – Message from Jesus

Received a message from Jesus on Monday via a kind lady in the library, it has lived in my pocket since then. She went out of her way to deliver this note to me – maybe she thought I needed it! Message from Jesus, Scarborough Library 29/10/12

OUT & ABOUT – Working in the Woodend Wonderland

Artist Jade Montserrat and myself spent a day in Scarborough Museum Trusts stores last week. This was in preparation for a study day that will be run by the trust on Tuesday 16th October as part of their Big Draw activities. They have asked us to be on hand to offer artistic guidance.

OUT & ABOUT – The Great White Huntress

I found myself confronted with these creatures today amongst many others…. Fascinating bunch! They’re to be found in the stores of Scarborough Museums Trust. An interesting tour today with Shirley Collier explaining the history behind the collection of taxidermy & also a little about the man who hunted them – John Harrison. Pygmies, weapons, musical […]

OUT & ABOUT – Historical Beverley

St. Mary’s Church, Beverley – Minstrel’s pillar 1524. Was in the historical town of Beverley today. The stone carved faces around the doors of St.Mary’s lured me in… inside I found the minstrels pillar, a surprise treat! The church had many carvings of musicians due to the medieval Northern Guild of Minstrels being centred in […]