Coast to Coast – 108 Fine Art, Harrogate

Nunnington Hall – Creatures of Curiosity (National Trust)

Granary Gallery, Berwick Visual Arts – Hidden Agenda (Crafts Council)

The Treasures House Gardens, York Museum Gardens, York Walls, Kings Manor – York Curiouser

Siobhan Davies Studios, London – Out of Practice

The Art Party Conference – Scarborough Spa

Holburne Museum of Art, Bath – Show

University of Essex – Work, Space, Pressure

National Glass Centre – Showcases

Scarborough Art Gallery –  Fears, Foes & Faeries

Fringe Arts Bath – Rewind: Let’s Press Play Together

The New School House Gallery, York – Toast

Newcastle Central Station – Northbound

mint, London – 100% Design

Walcott Chapel, Bath – Beyond The Plinth

Royal Hall, Harrogate – Secret Spaces, Hidden Gems

Royal College of Art, London – John Norris Wood Drawing Exhibition

The Goose and the Moose, Malton – Unbreakable

Crescent Arts, Scarborough – Farm World / Art Party Exhibition / At Sixes and Seven’s / Portrait / The Buried City / Soundings

Coast to Coast – 108 Fine Art, Harrogate