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EXHIBITION – Big Draw Illustrations

I’m very proud of this exhibition which has just gone up in Scarborough Art Gallery. On until 14th May this is a selected exhibition of work produced by the children in the Big Draw workshops that I ran at the end of last year. If you are in the area pop in and see some of […]

ARTS AWARD – Clay Bust Workshop

A lovely couple of days running a clay bust workshop as part of the Battersea Arts Centre, Scratch Fund. This was in conjunction with Scarborough Museums Trust and Arts Award. The clay bust workshop was hugely popular and there were some amazing little characters created over the two days. I’ll be running another clay bust […]

WORKSHOPS – Fossil Festival, Rotunda Museum

Had a fun weekend on the beach running workshops for the #yorksfossilfest Some amazing sand scupture creatures were created and we even had top paleontologist Dean Lomax building a replica of a plesiousaur fossil. I’m still recovering from sunburn and muscle ache!               

WORKSHOP – The Big Arty Ask

Had a lovely day running a workshop for Scarborough Museums Trust at the Big Arty Ask at the Old Parcels Office. A busy day making Bug badges with plastic vinyl, there was an amazing collection of SMT’s natural history on display.           

WORKSHOPS – Enchanted Forest Exhibition

Just finished installing ‘Enchanted Forest’ in the community gallery at Scarborough Art Gallery, this is an exhibition of work created in workshops I have run with various groups for Scarborough Museums Trust. Home School Educators, the Saturday ‘Make It’ Art Club and various different School Groups all have work on display. The tree took a […]

WORKSHOP – Sea Monsters, Drop in at the Rotunda Museum

A very busy day running Drop In activities at the Rotunda Museum in Scarborough, the theme for the day was sea monsters, there were quite a few amazing creations throughout the day… There were loads and loads of sea monsters made, these holiday events are definitely hugely popular and very rewarding to run 🙂

WORKSHOP – Birds for the Big Garden Birdwatch Weekend

I really enjoyed running some workshops with the Art Club at Scarborough Museums Trust this weekend. Some lovely watercolour birds were produced, as well as some super drawings in other mediums. It’s quite a big age difference with the Art Group so it’s interesting to see how the little ones push themselves. This timed in […]

WORKSHOP – Portraiture at Scarborough Art Gallery

A lovely portraiture workshop yesterday at Scarborough Art Gallery, this was a day of School workshops with 80 year 5 pupils. We concentrated on a technique I use in my own paintings, ink and watercolours with an extra special spray with a water squirter… the spraying was highly popular needless to say! Victorian Day Portraiture […]

WORKSHOP – Badge Making at the Rotunda Museum

A lovely and very busy badge making workshop at the Rotunda Museum in Scarborough today, I took in with me my trusty badge it machine (which I use for all of my badgered badges). These drop in sessions will also be running over the next two weeks and will be based around the theme of […]

WORKSHOP – Sea Monsters at the Rotunda Museum

My first Sea Monster workshop at the Rotunda in Scarborough produced a host of wonderful creations. 61 students, year 6. We primarily used sticky back coloured vinyl sheets and cardboard. Here’s a little selection of the days output… another one tomorrow!    

EVENT – Art KO! Museums at Night Rumpus. The Bout

In the ring with Tigger Watts, Thompson The Terror of the Tyne’s knockout moment A couple of pics from the ART KO! MUSEUMS AT NIGHT RUMPUS event on Friday evening in the foyer of Scarborough Art Gallery. I was in the ring taking on Scarborough Museums Trusts – Tigger Watts. I won the round, yay! […]

EXHIBITION – Fears, Foes & Faeries

Some Photos of the commissioned Charmology Head in the Fears, Foes & Faeries exhibition currently running at Scarborough Art Gallery. There’s only a couple of weeks left of this exhibition so hurry along to see the pink mustachioed charmer of a man in real life (he looks better in real life!). The exhibition finishes on […]

OUT & ABOUT – The Great White Huntress

I found myself confronted with these creatures today amongst many others…. Fascinating bunch! They’re to be found in the stores of Scarborough Museums Trust. An interesting tour today with Shirley Collier explaining the history behind the collection of taxidermy & also a little about the man who hunted them – John Harrison. Pygmies, weapons, musical […]

WORKSHOP – Workshop heads made by Cultiv8

Delivered the first batch of mini heads made by Cultiv8 during the Phrenology Head workshops to the Art Gallery. We concentrated on modern health conditions so I like to think of them as being AILMENTOLOGY HEADS. The heads will be split up and displayed in both the ladies and Gents… more heads to follow when […]

Delivery of CHARMOLOGY HEAD to Scarborough Museums Trust

Shirley Collier, Chief Executive of Scarborough Museums Trust. Delivered the finished CHARMOLOGY HEAD to Scarborough Museums Trust today. It will be exhibited in the Fears, Foes & Faeries Exhibition in the Art Gallery. Fears, Foes & Faeries Charmology Head outside of its new home for the next 6 months.

EVENT – An Eastern Summer

I was invited to be guest artist for the evening at the Eastern Summer event at Scarborough Art Gallery… I was portrait drawer for the night. Here’s a selection of my victims.