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THE FAMILY – Candidate Posters

Voting day again and I have recently come across the posters from dads progressive candidacy days… I am fascinated by everything about these, from the print makers information to the feel of the paper, the quality of the print and the colour of the font. I can imagine them being churned off a huge machine.

THE FAMILY – 1980’s photos

Wowsers! Just came across this photo when sorting through some stuff… all I can say in my defence is it was the 1980’s and I was a teenager. I’m trying to work out how old I am here (I think I’m about 15). Maybe I should try backcombing my hair again! I remember Shockwaves hairspray […]

THE FAMILY – Arthur Boy Burke Armstrong

Been researching Victorian cabinet cards on the internet today, amongst the ones I’ve come across there have been some great images of wrestlers and boxers. With last months boxing bout still fresh in my mind, I started thinking about my Grandfather, who was a boxer in the 1930’s. I know very little about him other […]

THE FAMILY – Inheritance, the family ceramics

Been spending a couple of days this week with my sisters trying to sort out some space in our storage area of potential inheritance. We seem to have a rather large collection of delightful Royal Doulton Ceramics… although maybe not the type most would imagine! One of the parents many business ventures was a builders […]